Sunday, September 1, 2013

Gimmes Update: Gots and Nots

I thought it would be fun (and a bit ghastly) to see what Daily/Weekly Gimmes I eventually purchased. I probably should have waited for the one year anniversary of the blog, but I was bored. I wish I could say that I only bought these things . . . but that would be a baldfaced lie.

1.) Gorjana Knox Necklace: I haven't yet purchased this necklace but I did buy the Gorjana City Pendant (in London, of course). Scot bought me a wonderful interconnected circle necklace that matches the Gorjana in simplicity. I also received a Gorjana circle necklace from my PopSugar MustHave box that I wear a lot.

2.) Madewell Variee Leopard Flats: I didn't buy these exact flats, but I purchased two other pairs of Madewell flats during their year end sale. One pair were black suede mini wedges with a bow on the back. They are no longer available on the site; I returned them because the fit was tight. The other pair, which I kept, are a pair of ankle strap mini wedges in gray.

3.) Triple Bow Stretch Belt: I ended up buying this belt in Newport and I really like it. The construction is way better than I expected, and it's exactly what I wanted. I haven't worn it yet, because it seems too dressy for school, but I think it's a great addition to my closet.

4.) Pure Linen Long Night Wear: I purchased an Eberjey nightgown from True & Co. Although I have no real point of comparison, I'm betting that my Eberyjey nightgown is much softer and silkier.

5.) Travel More, Work Less Shirt: I returned this shirt. It was not as loose as I wanted, and the graphic got all stretched and funny looking because of my boobs.

6.) Urban Decay Naked Palette: My Mom bought this for me for when I went home over Christmas and I like it a lot. The colors look dark in the palette, but they're actually pretty subtle. My only quibble is that they don't seem to be very long lasting, even with primer. However, I still love it because I don't even have to think about eye shadow in the morning, I just pick a color and swipe it on. I recently purchased the Naked 2 Palette because I liked the original so much.

7.) Wool Double Face Coat: Brooks Brothers had a fabulous end of the year sale meaning that I could have snatched up this coat for *only* $400. Honestly, even on a budget, that is totally worth the value of this coat, which is partially made of cashmere. Unfortunately, my mother had already purchased a very similar looking coat from The Limited for me, and I felt like I couldn't justify buying this one. However, once I start working, I will definitely be in the market for a good wool coat to wear over suits.

8.) Wunder Under Pants in Sparkle: I got these! And I have been wearing them a lot. They are a bit long, so they scrunch up around my ankles, but I don't mind. The sparkle effect is very subtle and the purple is very dark. I have been wearing them alone and also as leggings.

9.) Origami Sheath Dress: I purchased this in the "hammock green" color, because that's what I saw in my local J. Crew. It's gorgeous. In my opinion, it's too professional for parties/weddings/etc., but it will be great when I'm working.

10.) Sophie Printed Clutch: I didn't buy this clutch. I wandered into Club Monaco one day and took a gander at this purse. The color/pattern was not as vibrant in person, and the texture was not silky as I expected, but more cotton-y and canvas-y.

11.) Joy Pumps: I bought these when they were on sale and I don't know how I feel about them yet. They are a bit high for me, but I imagine after a few months of working in heels they won't be that way. They are exactly as pictured and really remind me of Nashville.

12.) Beatrice Pant: I didn't manage to snag these from Club Monaco before they ran out, but I did buy a pair of plaid ankle pants from J. Crew that are very cute. (And also on sale!) Waiting until winter to wear them with my little ankle booties. (Just got these from Ann Taylor and they make my calves look so slim!)

13.) Embellished Palms Tunic: I got this on sale and I ended up returning it. Just a bit too hippie-dippy for me and not worth even the sale price. I find that most Free People products are barely worth the sale price, although they do have lovely accessories.

14.) Fresh Elixir Ancien: Got this. Love it. Can't live without it. Haven't been using it in the summer because I don't think it absorbs as well. It seriously makes my face look at least 50% better.

15.) Making Faces by Kevyn Aucoin: I bought this used from Amazon. I haven't really referenced it much, because I feel the make up is a bit dated. The section on eyebrows is really interesting though.

16.) Madelaine Pumps: I bought these and they are surprisingly comfortable. Also, the platform is not too obvious, so it doesn't seem trashy. (Yes, I have a serious bias toward platform anything). They will be good with skinny jeans or with a summer dress. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to wear them to work on more casual days. I love the faux-Louboutin flash of hot pink on the soles.

17.) Ravesh Bow Pumps: I didn't buy these, but I bought a very similar pair by Kurt Geiger.  At less than half the price (and an inch shorter) than the Steve Madden pumps, they were a very good buy. I got them in lavender, because pastels are a serious hole in my shoe closet. I think they'll look nice with a white or gray sheath dress at work.

18.) Frye Paige Tall Riding Boots: I bought these in Gray! I actually bought two pairs from Amazon (both gray) and ended up keeping the cheaper pair because I liked the color better. I love them. They fit my enormous calves and they are very comfortable. The only problem is putting them on and taking them off. I imagine once I wear them in a bit more, they will slide on and off. I've been wearing them around the apartment lately to break them in. The biggest problem is that the soles are made of wood, so there's very little traction, especially on a slippery floor.

19.) Whisky T-Shirt: I still can't justify paying close to $100 for a no-name t-shirt. Alexander Wang? Sure. But Bobo whatever? Who are they? But thanks to Pinterest, I found a DIY version using a Chlorox Bleach Pen. I just purchased a slinky black shirt from Everlane, so I'm going to try to recreate this shirt. Think of all the money I could save, especially on Zoe Karssen stuff.

20.) Lace Print Pencil Skirt: I didn't buy this skirt, but I bought a similar version from J. Crew Factory during one of their (many) sales. They no longer have it on their site, but it's navy blue with white embroidery. It's a bit tight (J. Crew sizing is always weird to me) but doable.

21.) J. Crew Scalloped Dress: I tried the cobalt version of this dress on in store this week and I was not impressed. Part of it was because it was severely creased (c'mon J. Crew, you gotta do better than that). Also, the fabric felt like cheap felt. It just was not well made, and not flattering on an hourglass shape. It might look better with a tissue thin turtleneck, but it didn't look good enough on it's own to justify closet space or retail price.

22.) Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Hillier Hobo: I bought this! I waited for the Bloomie's F&F sale and got it at 20% off. I was "saving" it during the school year, but after I packed up all of my other bags for the Big Move, I have been using it (in Detroit, of all places). I love it. I love how I can wear it as a cross-body and as a hobo. It's slouchy, but not messy. Of course, the second day I used it, I got a pen mark on it, but it's slowly rubbing out. Can't wait for it to get a bit cooler so I can wear it with my gray Frye boots.

23.) Geox Lola Ballet Flats: I bought these shoes on sale from Amazon actually. (Yes, Amazon sells shoes and they actually have a great selection and great prices. Their interface is just ridiculous and needs to be made better for clothing/shoes.) I've only worn them a few times, but they are really comfortable (except for the heel part, which is uncomfortable on every pair of flats I've ever owned). I used a little blister gel thing on the back of my heels, but they are really nice apart from that. They have a lot of cushion, and are made from real leather. In addition, the perforation keeps my feet cool and dry. I will be using them a lot for commuting and for more casual days at work.

24.) Smythson Slim Travel Wallet: Didn't buy this (yet), but Scot purchased the transit pass holder for me and I love it. I can also use it as a slim wallet when I don't want a large wallet. I used it for my ID and some cash when I took the bar. Smythson just smells like quality.

25.) Lo & Sons O.M.G. Bag: I FINALLY got the O.G. bag in Army Green after the bar exam. It was worth the wait and worth the money. The army green color is very subtle, but much more exciting than a black or brown. I cannot say enough good things about this bag, all of the pockets are amazing. The O.G. bag is the perfect size for me--laptop, iPad, iPhone, wallet, Beats, some magazines, a water bottle and all of the other items I need for a plane trip. I used it as a carry on for my Atlanta trip and it fit under the seat perfectly. The quality is excellent, and I know I will be using it for years for work, gym and travel. (Honestly, might have to get an OMG bag in a different color as a gym bag . . . but I suppose I'm rather attached to my Whale bag.)

26.) Fresh Sugar Shine Lip Treatment: I tried this at Sephora and decided it wasn't worth the money. There was nothing particularly special about this gloss. It wasn't particularly sticky, but it wasn't as moisturizing as I expected from Fresh.

27.) Zara Asymmetric Leather Pointy Shoe: I purchased these shoes, but in Nude, because I realized that I didn't have any plain, nude leather shoes, whereas I have two pairs of red shoes . . .  The sizing is great, as is the quality (I have found this to be the case with most Zara shoes). There's a lot of toe cleavage, but I think the uniqueness of the asymmetrical part is worth it. I haven't worn them out, but they seemed comfortable (just a wee bit tight around the toe box) and the heel height was just right.

28.) Loeffler Randall Rider Bag: I didn't purchase this bag, even when it was on sale, because I already have so many medium sized bags that I never use. Also, I will be adding to that collection with MANY Target x Phillip Lim bags (so many colors!).

29.) Madewell Transport Tote: So, I went to Madewell again this week, and the bag wasn't as soft and supple as I remembered. And, I've actually heard good things about Cuyana, so I pulled the trigger on a Cuyana tote. (It was the last one in stock!) I got it monogrammed, so it will be a few weeks before I get it.

30.) H&M Lace dress: I keep checking the site (rather compulsively) but my size hasn't come back. =\

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