Monday, December 3, 2012

The Daily Gimme: Triple Bow Stretch Belt

In an effort to curb reckless online shopping, I have a list of items I feel like my closet is lacking. Before buying anything online, I like to ask if it is on my list. If not, then I try not to buy the item, unless it is *so* unique and *such* a good deal that I feel like I would regret not buying. (I sound crazy.) Anyway, one of the items that has been on my list for months is a large, black leather bow belt. This one really fits the bill. The only reason I'm not pulling the trigger on this is because I've recently declared a shopping moratorium and also this belt is not exactly perfect.

It's a tad pricey for something I would buy for myself, especially considering it's just a belt (and a lot of my belts sit unworn). Also, I'm worried it's too structured and perhaps a floppier bow would look better. Maybe one day I will give up and buy it, but maybe one day I will find an even more perfect one. You never know.

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