Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Target x Phillip Lim

You guys. September 15 cannot get here soon enough. I literally would buy everything in this collection, but I'll hold off until the prices are released. I think the Target collabs get better and better and is one of the things I'll really miss about the US. (Why won't you ship internationally, Target?)

Well, I see a lot of boxes in Scot's future if Target keeps churning out collabs as good as this one.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Review: EOS Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream

EOS Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream - Vanilla Bliss - 7 oz
$3.49, Target
I have A LOT of reviews to catch up on. I also have a lot of books to read (Cuckoo's Calling, American Gods, Infinite Jest, etc.). I also want to just buy stuff (since I haven't really purchased anything since the first week of July, because of my inability to stay in one location (peripatetic!), but I can't buy much because I'm very limited in terms of baggage space.

I know, I have it hard.

Anyway, this is the shave cream I've used for the past two years. (One bottle has lasted very long, but mostly because I take a lackadaisical approach to shaving--I also use Scot's razors when I am too lazy to replace mine). I tried this brand because I love their lip balms, and because its hard to find a non-foaming shaving cream for women. (I really hate the kind that puff up because I suspect those bottles are not great for the environment and the always dry out my skin even more than normal).

I never tried dry shaving, although the bottle says you can. It provides a nice slick shave, and did not dry my skin out. I would say it's a great value, and is probably the best drug store option. I like the mild, vanilla scent. I didn't find the cream moisturizing, because I still need to lotion-up pretty aggressively post-shower.

The bottle design is pretty good--it's non-slip with little hand grippies. Also, you don't need to pick up the bottle to dispense any cream, since it's a pump top. 

tl;dr: great choice for the price, nice smell.

The Weekly Gimme: H&M lace dress

$69.95, H&M
Argh. I'm so annoyed with myself for sitting on this dress and not purchasing it right away. Now, of course, it's unavailable in my size. My only option is to buy it at a 66% mark up on eBay or wait for it to come back in stock. Detroit, being Detroit, does not seem to carry any "fashion" items at their H&M's . . . 

It's a bit wedding-dressy, but I love the vintage look of it. I might not have anywhere to wear this dress, but that's never stopped me before.