Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Everlane: An Endorsement

$60, Everlane

I understand I'm way late on the bandwagon, but better late than never. I've been meaning to try Everlane for over a year, but for some inexplicable reason I never did. Maybe I thought that $80 was too much to pay for a silk shirt, considering I was a law student and pretty much only wore jeans and t-shirts. Silk shirts are for people who have their shit together, like CEOs and princesses and Wall Street mistresses.

But I've been working on a DIY project where I had to get a plain black shirt, so I decided to try one of Everlane's shirts. (I've heard very good things about their plain white shirts as well.) I added the seed stitch sweater (above) and a silk blouse because: 1.) shipping was free and 2.) why not? 

First, let's talk customer service. The site is great, with all the sizing info, and lots of photos. There's a lot of transparency when it comes to sourcing and manufacture, which I don't really care about but I'm sure lots of people can appreciate. It was simple to place an order (although a coupon code would have been nice). Shipping was prompt and satisfactory. 

The clothes were packaged well (tissue paper) and were undamaged and unwrinkled during transit. The black t-shirt was fine, a high-end t-shirt that would last a long time (not forever, and it also wasn't as slinky/soft as I would have liked). The seed stitch sweater was great. It was so soft, and the least scratchy sweater I've ever worn. It felt like a sweatshirt. It has the magical quality where it can keep you warm without making you feel sweaty and uncomfortable. I would have liked the sweater to be just a tad longer, but it fell in a good way and was just the right amount of slouchy.

As for the silk shirt, I had no idea that silk could be so soft and comfortable. Usually, I associate silk with that satin-y feel, and most of my silk shirts felt that way. (They weren't shiny, but they weren't feathery soft like this shirt was). Seriously, this felt like a different kind of fabric. I can't say that the fit was as good. The arms were tight (but everywhere else was fine), and there was a little bit of gaping at the bust. Typical shirt problems. It was also a lot more sheer than I expected, but I was going to wear a cami underneath anyway. 

Overall, I'm very pleased with my experience at Everlane. I can't speak for their return service, since I didn't return anything. If I need more basics, I'll definitely turn to Everlane first. I only wish they had a wider selection of clothes. 

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