Thursday, December 12, 2013

Xmas 2013 Gift Guide: Men


Men. They can be so hard to shop for. First of all, have you ever been shopping for men's clothes? There is no selection. You can buy pants or shirts or jackets or shoes. That's it. Where is the variety? And, it's unfortunate that women can borrow from men (watches, button-downs, jackets, t-shirts) but men can't borrow as easily from women.

But, I think that they key for most men (key word most) is that they prefer practical gifts. Which is totally fine; I like practical gifts as well. But, to make a gift truly outstanding, you want to add a touch of luxury to something practical.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Xmas 2013 Gift Guide: Fashion


I think it's foolish to buy someone clothes as a present, unless they've specifically told you what to buy. Honestly, in between sizing issues (yeah, I'd love to go exchange this present at the mall along with a million other people) and differences in taste, you're better off gifting straight cash yo.

That being said, if you absolutely have to buy fashion items, stick to a few basic rules: accessories are better than clothes, sweaters and other stretchy/loose items are better than structured items, chance on the side of too small if you're unsure of the recipient's size, and don't be offended if the person does return your gift (because she probably will).

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Xmas 2013 Gift Guide: Books


Okay, so your recipient doesn't need any more beauty products (really, though?) Or maybe you need to stock up on some host(ess) gifts that can please either gender. Or maybe you just want to get all of your shopping done on Amazon. Whatever, no judgment here.

A few rules on buying books as presents: hardcover only, buy new, unless it's a first edition (but first editions are pretty overrated), don't give a Kindle without loading it with a few books first, and don't follow up with the recipient--if they've read/liked the book, they'll let you know.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Xmas 2013 Gift Guide: Beauty

Xmas Beauty

I love presents. I love getting them and I love giving them. It's just another excuse to shop. I'm fairly picky when it comes to presents--the thought is nice, but it's even nicer to get exactly what you want. Unfortunately, it's hard to get exactly what you want and also be surprised, so most people have to decide which is more important--the surprise or the quality of the present.

The Weekly Gimme: Etsy Hoodie Sweatshirt Dress

Navy Blue Hoodie Sweatshirt Cotton Fleece Hoodie Top with Big Hood for Autumn and Spring - Custom made - NC449
£56.29, Etsy
Why is this model so bemused? Is it the fact that she's wearing jeans and a dress? Maybe she's just hungry. So, I recently purchased this lovely rag rug from Etsy and I have recovered from my TERRIBLE Etsy experience a few months ago (NB: If you're placing a custom order, don't pay until it's ready to ship!). 

For the past few years (ever since college, really . . . ), I've wanted a hoodie dress. It combines my favorite things of not wearing pants and wearing a hoodie. Unfortunately, most hoodie dresses (and I've tried on many) are not flattering. I guess they're not really meant to be flattering, because, come on, it's a hoodie dress. But this one looks okay. It's nipped at the waist, so it won't look like a sack, and the pockets in front incorporate an integral aspect of the hoodie.

I also like how the dress is longer and flares at the bottom. The hood is also nice and large, making it a wee bit costume-y, which I like (I did just buy a cape). I would NOT wear this with jeans--leggings or bare-legged and my Frye boots. Add a stack of rings and I'm set for the weekend.