Monday, April 15, 2013

The Weekly Gimme: Geox Lola Ballet Flats

**Update: These shoes broke! They just kind of ripped down the side as I was walking home one night . . . I'd worn them less than 10 times.**
$140, Zappos
I don't like those Tory Burch Reva flats. First, they don't really look that comfortable, especially for people who don't have super-weird, super-narrow feet. Also, why are they so expensive? Second, why do you want to wear these shoes that everyone else is wearing? They really don't say much about your fashion sense, except that you like what everyone else likes.

Anyway, I like these ballet flats. They have rubber soles, which is supposed to make them comfortable and non-slip. Also, the body is made from perforated leather, which means that it will keep your feet cool. I also think they're really cute, which is hard to do with shoes that are meant to be comfortable. 

I also like the solid black color or the grey/lime color. I think these would be great to wear while commuting and I'm definitely going to pick up a pair soon. If only Zappos had sales . . . 

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