Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Daily Gimme: Urban Decay Naked Palette

$50, Sephora
I was wandering around Sephora yesterday, as is my wont, and I tried out this eye palette. Lately, I've been trying to update my skincare and makeup routine. I've mostly been focusing on face stuff (primer, foundation, powder, etc.) and I rarely feel like spending money on eye shadow anyway because I have so much. (Think years of Lancome palettes from free gifts with purchases.) 

ANYWAY, when I do wear eye make up, it's usually a neutral color. I already have a large collection of golds, browns, pinks, bronzes, etc., and I was wondering if I really needed another palette full of these colors. The answer is Yes! This palette is wonderful. I like all the colors and the one I tried on was great--neutral but also good color saturation. It really made my eyes pop. Additionally, I applied it without any primer (since I was just trying it on at the store), and it lasted until I washed it off at night with no creasing in the meantime. The powder was very velvety and went on smoothly. 

The main problem is the price tag. To be fair, fifty smackeroos is not much for so many eye colors, but it seems like a lot to someone who has gotten free eye shadow pretty much all her life. (Also eye shadow for $3 from e.l.f.) However, this Naked palette is pretty much the classic for eye shadow palettes and I can envision myself using all of the colors on a regular basis. A travel size version of the Primer Potion that is included doesn't hurt either.

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