Friday, December 28, 2012

The Daily Gimme: Beatrice Pant

$189.50, Club Monaco
I am not a pants person. First, it's the principle of the matter. Why do we need to wear pants? Second, they're just not super comfortable. If skirts are good enough for the Scots, they're good enough for me. However, I LOVE these pants. 

They are dark, and we all know that people with stubby legs (read: me) need dark pants. They have a delightful, yet subtle, plaid pattern that makes them special. They have a wonder leather waistband that is kind of like wearing a belt, but without all the dreadful hassle of wearing a belt. They have nice exposed zipper pockets, which would probably not puff out like a lot of pockets do.

Unfortunately, they are that awkward ankle length that's so in right now, but since I'm short, they will probably be half an inch too long and I will have to spend $8 to get them hemmed. Also, ankle length pants really only look good with heels, and even though I have dozens of pairs, I really only like wearing my Rainbows and flats.

Either way, I'm not spending nearly two hundred buckaroos on a pair of pants. Let's hope they go on sale soon.

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