Monday, April 29, 2013

The Weekly Gimme: Eva Franco Shangri-La Dress

Kora Dress- Shangri-La
$370, Eva Franco

Eva Franco shows up on the flash sale sites frequently, and I am always looking for this dress. It was featured on Modcloth a while ago, but I waited until there was a sale, and they were sold out in my size. (I also think this dress might run small.) Anyway, this dress is gorgeous. It's Asian, but not toooo Asian, amirite?

I'm also thinking of the skirt in the same fabric because the skirt might be more versatile, but I loves me a good dress. 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Final Finals

Finals time is upon me. I got shit piled up everywhere (textbooks, cook books, clothes with tags still attached, products to try, shoes to photograph).

And, as if that wasn't distracting enough, I also got a new phone. The best part about the new phone is the case, which I picked up during Shopbop's F&F sale.

$48, Shopbop

Love it.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Oh how pertinent . . .

This was in my blogroll.

"Applied after cleansing to fully cleanse and hydrate skin, toners help restore the skin’s natural pH balance. Also, given how busy we all are these days, people tend to rush through the cleansing process and tonics can remove any impurities that may not have been washed away during cleansing."


Review: Peter Thomas Roth Gentle Complexion Correction Pads

$36, Sephora
I like the idea of exfoliating pads. They're like a toner (I think, I"m not really sure what a toner is) and they are simple to use. I use these after I wash my face at night and before I put any products on. 

The Weekly Gimme: Smythson Slim Travel Wallet

$505, Smythson
This seems like something that someone who has her shit together would have. It's got little pockets for your documents and your boarding pass and your passport. Everything in one neat little place instead of drowning in a purse. I would also love this Oyster Card holder for everyday use.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Going Stir Crazy with the TA Cat

Welp, it's been a crazy, terrible, sad week. For the first and hopefully only time in my life, I've experienced a period of martial law. I've been going a wee bit stir crazy, and have been avoiding my outlining with lots of online shopping. (More on that later) and blogging.

The TA Cat is also a little bit disgruntled. She usually gets five full days of work/school before she has to endure a blizzard of kisses and shnuggles.

"They said to stay inside your house!"

Things I Like: April Edition


Oops, guess I missed the month of March. Time has really flown by; I feel like when you're an "adult", months just go by suddenly. I feel like I've been in a coma for half of winter. Anyway, going clockwise from top left:

Review: NARS Body Glow

$59, Sephora
I like this stuff. It's definitely a luxury item; I really see no purpose for it except to be a little more sparkly and golden and lubed up when on vacation. It's this rich oil that has flecks of gold and brown sparkle in it. The glitter is very, very subdued. You appear shimmery and glowy as opposed to glittery, which is nice when you don't want to look like Edward Cullen.

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Weekly Gimme: Geox Lola Ballet Flats

**Update: These shoes broke! They just kind of ripped down the side as I was walking home one night . . . I'd worn them less than 10 times.**
$140, Zappos
I don't like those Tory Burch Reva flats. First, they don't really look that comfortable, especially for people who don't have super-weird, super-narrow feet. Also, why are they so expensive? Second, why do you want to wear these shoes that everyone else is wearing? They really don't say much about your fashion sense, except that you like what everyone else likes.

Anyway, I like these ballet flats. They have rubber soles, which is supposed to make them comfortable and non-slip. Also, the body is made from perforated leather, which means that it will keep your feet cool. I also think they're really cute, which is hard to do with shoes that are meant to be comfortable. 

I also like the solid black color or the grey/lime color. I think these would be great to wear while commuting and I'm definitely going to pick up a pair soon. If only Zappos had sales . . . 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Review: Philosophy Miracle Worker Retinoid Eye Repair Cream

$65, Sephora
You now, if you're going to name your product "Miracle Worker", you better make sure it delivers. I've been using this eye cream for three weeks now and I am very meh about it. I don't see any real improvements in my eye area, but then again, I don't get severe dark circles and this product certainly didn't make anything worse.

This is not really an eye cream. The product comes out and it looks like Vaseline. It's kind of off putting at first, but it's not bad. It absorbs well into the skin (probably takes about 15 minutes to fully absorb). After it sinks into your skin, it leaves a smooth, almost powdery finish. I think it moisturizes the eye area well. 

There is no odor, which is nice. I got a sample size from Sephora, so I can't comment on the delivery system of the full size. However, the sample size dispensed the product well; I could control how much came out and it was never messy. It also seemed pretty sanitary.  I had no problem with irritation at all with this product, but my eye area is not super sensitive.

Like I said, this product doesn't do much for me. I think I'm not really the target demographic; this may be better for people who already have some wrinkles and really need the boost from the retinoid. As such, I won't be purchasing it again, but I also cannot say that it is a bad product.

tl;dr: Does not seem to have much effect on dark circles. Moisturizes well. Not a good product for young people.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sole Society Shoes

I would recommend Sole Society as a good website to purchase shoes if you're on a budget. Although not as cheap as the other sites, it has more comfortable and classic shoes. The sizing is not consistent, however, and quality is (obviously) not as good as more expensive shoes.

Monday, April 8, 2013

The Weekly Gimme: Anthropologie Scarab Necklace

$348, Anthropologie
This necklace is so geek-chic. I mean, sure it's vastly overpriced, even if it is a Renard Bijoux. But, it is exactly what I would want to wear on a warm summer's night while wearing a cream maxi dress and cowboy boots.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Review: Seche Vite Top Coat & The New Black Nail Polish

$4.99, Amazon
I didn't paint my finger nails for like eight years. I hated how it would only last two days and then the chipping would begin. I never had the patience to remove my nail polish and then reapply several times a week. Also, the drying time was excruciating.

No more. This top coat is amazing. First of all, the shipping is blindingly fast. Second of all, the online reviews say it all. This top coat dries in a minute. Fully dries, as in, you can go about your business without using your elbows to pick up things. Second of all, it results in a super shiny manicure that looks like a shellac manicure. 

I can't say much about the staying power, but I've seen no chips after one day, which is actually pretty good compared to other top coats. I used to just add a shellac top coat to my nails when I was done with the manicure, but that didn't last very long and was a bitch to take off. I am so excited about this top coat because it means I can do my nails more, which means no more languishing for my nail polishes. 

I got a mini-set of nail polish in last month's Pop Sugar Must Have (the best month yet!). They were two shades of bright orange-y, coral-y red, and I thought they were perfect for St. Lucia. However, having used both colors, I am a bit disappointed.

The colors are certainly very vibrant, but the polish is very thin. Usually I only need two coats of nail polish (even the cheap CVS stuff), but with this stuff, two coats were insufficient. I can still see the under-bits of my nails.

It's a shame that this brand is of such poor quality, because they have so many cute colors and sets, such as the ombre set above. However, it's unlikely I will buy another one of their nail polishes.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Weekly Gimme: Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Hillier Hobo

$428, Bloomingdale's
Uhhhhhhhh. I have been thinking about this bag for months. I have been waiting and waiting for Bloomy's Friends and Family sale and it is finally here! The only question is whether I want this color or a darker gray. Swoon.

Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fool's

In the ultimate April Fool's joke, the weather in Cambridge is beautiful today. It makes me want to do this:

Backyard cookouts.
Image via Buzzfeed
But, since that's not possible, a pretty dress always makes you feel happier, skinnier and prettier.


I have been excited to wear this dress ever since I bought it in February. A natural rosy lip (from my Glossybox) and some bright mini-wedge sandals were easy go-tos.