Friday, December 14, 2012

The Daily Gimme: Origami Sheath Dress

Origami sheath dress
$158, J. Crew
I was *this* close to buying this dress during the 30% off sale today. But I decided to exercise some self-restraint in the hopes it will go on even MOAR sale after the holidays. Even though I have not officially started working, I have been collecting work wear for the past three years. See, I will be wearing this shit for the next 40 years (give or take a few decades, if I strike oil), so might as well start buying early. (Early and often is my motto for shopping.)

But, come October of next year, I am going to be busting out the dresses and suits. I think that this would be an excellent addition to my work wardrobe. I like the classic silhouette and professional color that will never, ever go out of style. I like the slight nipped-in waist (which is just dying for a colorful skinny belt) and the slight flare at the hips. But, of course, the focus of this masterpiece is the asymmetrical folding at the collar. Here is some unique dress construction that doesn't require a weird bra or a cardigan to be decent at the office. The detail adds just the right amount of personality to a work dress. 

I wonder if it could be worn with a blazer; I suspect it would but I worry that the folds might look a bit funny. Also, I think this dress (like most) would be vastly improved if it had some pockets.

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