Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Weekly Gimme: Alexandra Grecco Tulle Skirt

The Gretta Tulle Skirt
$188, Alexandra Grecco
I really wish I had purchased this skirt last season from Anthro. I was just all "Where would I wear that?" even though that's hardly stopped me before. But now, thanks to Pinterest, I've seen all the ways to wear it! I could make it cazh with a graphic tee and booties, make it ladylike with a nice black sweater and pumps, or go full-on ballet with pearls, a cardi and ballet flats. 

The real question is whether I want it in ivory (ready to ship!) or peach (have to wait until December, which might not be a bad thing). 

Meanwhile, my shopping moratorium begins this Monday, September 23 and will extend until I get settled into a new flat in London!

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