Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Weekly Gimme: Rag & Bone Newbury Booties

$495, Shopbop

I don't know what I've been doing. Honestly. I keep meaning to post, but then I get sucked in by terrible television and cakes and napping. Unemployment makes the days seem longer and yet also shorter.

Anyway, I'm in Hotlanta right now and I just went shopping yesterday. Got a really cute tweed suit set from Banana Republic and some black jeans from Madewell. And my first pair of Loubies!! Just the Simple 100s in black, which is the perfect foundation for a designer shoe collection.

Speaking of classic shoes, I've got my eye on these Rag & Bone Newbury booties. They're classic and pretty much every who's who has a pair. The only question is whether I should get them in black leather or a dark suede. I might even go off the reservation and get some hunter green suede booties.

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