Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tieks: An Endorsement

$175, Tieks
I have been looking for comfortable black flats (that aren't Toms) ever since I realized that I was going to work in London. I needed some good, classic, COMFORTABLE flats for commuting. I have other flats (here and here) that I really like, and that are fairly comfortable, but they weren't plain enough to be good commuting shoes. 

Tieks are Oprah's favorite shoe, and even though I'm not a huge Oprah fan, she usually has okay taste. Not to mention, these shoes have been featured on a lot of blogs. So I ordered a pair. Shipping was easy and fast, and my shoes got here in excellent quality. 

The shoes themselves came in a little box, along with a fake flower elastic thing, a reusable bag that can be stuffed in a little sac, and a little pouch to store the Tieks. Honestly, I wish they would knock $10 off the hefty price tag and just do away with these little extras. 

The shoes are excellent quality. The leather is great, and the rubber soles are very sturdy. The insoles are cushioned and comfortable. The first time I tried them on, I felt it was too tight in the toe-box and too long as a shoe. (The only have whole sizes which can also be difficult for some people). There is a bit more toe cleavage than I like, but just a bit.

After wearing them around the apartment for a few days, they leather molded to my feet more, so that they're more comfortable. One thing that sold me on these shoes is the fact that the back of the shoes don't rub against my heels. I always, always have that problem with cheap flats and these did not give me any blisters at all. 

Although I haven't worn them out for an extended period yet, they feel very comfortable. I think they're just as comfortable as my Toms for walking for hours. I don't think I would really travel in these shoes though, since I wear my Rainbows in the spring/summer and my boots in the fall/winter. They will definitely serve their purpose in being commuting flats.

Finally, I was at first hesitant to buy these shoes because of the blue soles and the little blue stripe on the heel, but when I saw them in person, I liked it a lot. It was a lot more subtle than in the photos and it's hard to see much blue when you're actually wearing them and walking in them. I'm going to wear these shoes for a few months and see how they hold up. Meanwhile, I've got my eye on this shiny patent red crocodile pair and this hot pink pair. 

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