Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Daily Gimme: Prada Saffiano Lux Tote

$1,730, Neiman Marcus
Guys. This is it. This is the dream bag. This summer, when I was flush with cash, and surrounded by Richie Rich's in London, I thought of splurging on a bag. Then I remembered about income taxes and decided not to. If I had purchased a bag, this would be the one. I'm not saying that this will be the only bag in my life; I'm not sure I'll ever be bag-monogamous. (After all, there's YSL & Marc Jacobs & Miu Miu . . .) But if I had to pick--if I had to be buried with only one bag--it would be this one.

That being said, it feels a bit trite to put this as a Daily Gimme. Daily Gimme's are passing fancies--something shiny that catches my magpie eye. And THIS BAG is not that. I could write odes to this bag. If Dido had this bag, she wouldn't have needed Aeneas. If Heloise had this bag, Abelard would still have his junk. If Ophelia had this bag, she wouldn't have needed to be fished out of the river. I felt that I had to share this bag with everyone today, because I'm going to start studying for my second-to-last set of finals (ever) today. And this bag is what I'm outlining for.

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