Sunday, December 2, 2012

Cafe at the Crest Sweater from Modcloth

Cafe at the Crest
sweater: $72.00, Modcloth (similar here); boots: $139.95, DSW; ring: $50, Amrita Singh; earrings: $58, zappos
Guys, my mailman delivered a package today . . . on Sunday. WTF? Anyway, today I had to wake up early to drive Scot to the airport. I got back home at around 7:45, but instead of going back to sleep, I decided I was going to watch all the episodes of Grimm in my queue and play Warcraft instead. Then, I made a 1hr45min trip out to Chelmsford, to visit Gene's Chinese Flatbread Cafe. I am pretty sure there is crystal meth in their food because it's the only way to explain how good it is.

But anyway, if I wasn't such a scrub and didn't just sit around in sweatpants all day, this is the outfit I would have worn. I actually ordered this Modcloth sweater and returned it the first time, because I wasn't sure I could hack the poncho shape. However, I really, really wanted a creamy cable knit sweater that didn't have the cable knit pattern running on the arms (because that makes me look bulky). After combing the internet (thanks polyvore!), it seemed like this really was the best option. I had to size down with this sweater, otherwise I looked like I was being swallowed.

I would pair the sweater with my Gap skinny jeans, my dark brown riding boots and simple pearl earrings and a flower ring (the one above is from Amrita Singh and is cute, but I have one from Forever 21 that was only $3.50).

Go pack.

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