Sunday, December 2, 2012

Aldo Whitley Heels

Want to see what was in my latest package? Click past the jump. . .
$80 $38.57, Aldo
I'm super excited about these. They are a bit uncomfortable, but actually much better than most of Aldo's shoes. The size 7 was loose and I hope a foot petal/heel back will fix this problem. The front area also squeezes the top of my foot a little, but a couple of wears should fix that. Now on to what I love about these shoes: they're red and suedeish, they have beautiful baroque/Asian embroidery on the back and the heel, and they have a unique adorable shape.

I plan on wearing them to holiday parties with a LBD and some glittery make up. I can also see wearing these on a more casual day at the office, with an outfit of all blacks or neutrals.

Finally: I have now ordered three pairs of shoes from Aldo's website, and their shipping is always fast and reliable. The key is to wait for discounts, otherwise you're horribly overpaying. 

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  1. Do you still have these shoes? I'd be willing to buy them off you. I can't find them anywhere. ;-;