Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Review: Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blush

$11.95, drugstore.com
The name of this blush is actually longer than what my blog title suggests. It's called: Physicians Formula Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Blush. That seems a bit redundant, but I don't have an degree in cosmetics-naming, so I have to defer to the experts. I purchased this blush in the Warm color (they also have Rose, Natural and Pink). I don't know what kind of mumbo jumbo in this blush that is supposed to make you happy, but it's probably unnecessary. Just look at how cute the blush is. It's little *hearts* of blush. This is a prime example of Totes Adorb.

I ended up getting this blush half off with the purchase of a Physicians Formula color-correcting powder (review forthcoming), this it was a pretty good deal considering how much I like it. Once I stopped hyperventilating from the cuteness of the compact, I tried it on. The little hearts are different colors and so you can choose how much of each you want. There is a brush included, but of course, it's a piece of crap, so I use one of my own blush brushes. I just swirl the blush around a couple of times to pick up all the colors and tap the excess off into the sink (and I leave that stuff for Scot to clean up). The color is less pink and more mango, but I needed an orange blush anyway. It looks natural and goes on smoothly. However, I've been wearing it every day for the past week to school, and I noticed that it does wear off pretty quickly--like within three to four hours. This could be because I wasn't wearing any type of face primer underneath.

Another nice perk about this blush is that it smells good. Slightly flowery (the website says it's Violet) and girly, it really does make me happy when I put it on. I was worried that after a few uses, all the hearts would blend together and it would just be one pink blob, but I'm happy to report that's not the case. I am incredibly happy with this blush and with its cheap price tag, I don't feel the need to save it for a special occasion. 

Finally: I am extremely pleased with the fast shipping at drugstore.com and would recommend buying from them. 

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