Friday, December 7, 2012

Review: Fresh Lotus Eye Gel

$48, Sephora
I've been using this stuff for a few months now (five-ish) and I'm not sure it does anything. Sure it feels a bit cool and tingly when you put it on, but I've noticed no real difference or improvement. To be fair, my almost-daily naps take care of most dark circles and I'm not yet at an age where I have to worry abut crow's feet. However, I do get occasional puffiness and some bagginess under my eyes, especially on Monday mornings.  Unfortunately, I don't see any changes when it comes to these problem areas.

I plan on trying out some new eye creams, because this one just isn't cutting it. On the plus side, it doesn't smell weird and absorbs relatively quickly. You also get a lot of product for your money; I have used maybe a third of it. If you only use it during the am or pm, it could easily last someone a year. Unfortunately, this pro is more of a con for me, since I feel bad about shoving this into the bottom of my "I'll use it eventually cosmetic/lotion/hair product bin" otherwise known as "the place where things go to get lost and for Scot to curse loudly." Seriously, I found *three* full floss containers in there the other day.

I love pretty much all fresh products and I will keep buying them, especially their lip stuff. However, I think I am going to give some other brands a try in the eye cream department. Next up on the list is Dr. Brandt's dark circles away

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