Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Review: Radical Age-Defying Exfoliating Pads

$95, Space NK

I got my first facial ever last week and apparently I have thin skin on my cheeks. Who knew? This means that I can't use physical exfoliants and need to stick with chemical exfoliants. Which is just fine with me, since I like the convenience of these exfoliating pads. 

Unfortunately, this brand is not that effective. I think, again, it's the age-defying properties, when really I need something for oiliness or acne. It didn't really do anything for my skin, but it also didn't make it any worse. In terms of controlling break-outs, I definitely think the Peter Thomas Roth exfoliating pads were more effective with the acne. 

I only got a sample of 14 pads, so perhaps you need more time to see any real results. I liked how the pads didn't smell like crap and they weren't too sticky. One of the first five ingredients is alcohol, which is kind of a no-no, so on that alone, I wouldn't purchase these again. Finally, in terms of just exfoliating, I don't think these work as well as a physical exfoliating wash.

tl;dr: Not that effective. Other (much cheaper) options are better.

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