Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Review: Oscar Blandi Pronto Invisible Volumizing Dry Shampoo Spray

$5-25, Sephora
I am like Don Quixote with dry shampoos. I'm always looking for some impossible dream. This is what comes from having an oily scalp and dry ends (too many washes make my hair terrible, but not enough makes me look like a programmer). Also, it takes my hair FOREVER to dry, so it's nice to have some dry shampoo on a day where you're almost late for work/class.

This is not the one. I liked how it sprayed on clear (it really is invisible), but unfortunately, it didn't really seem to do anything. My hair was maybe minimally less greasy after applying it according to the directions. However, it didn't make anything worse, so this could be worth a try for others.

I especially like how Sephora offers different sizes. I only spent around $10 on a small can, which will probably be good for about ten uses. (I've already used it three times and it still feels heavy.) They have an even smaller size now for only $5.

This dry shampoo smells pretty good. Sort of fresh and lemony. It's not volumizing, which was promised on the can. Like I said, no real difference, one way or the other. 

tl;dr: Get a super small size and it might be worth a try. Goes on clear, but doesn't do much else.

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