Monday, April 22, 2013

Review: Peter Thomas Roth Gentle Complexion Correction Pads

$36, Sephora
I like the idea of exfoliating pads. They're like a toner (I think, I"m not really sure what a toner is) and they are simple to use. I use these after I wash my face at night and before I put any products on. 

I dunno, these are okay. They smell pretty nice (although I wouldn't describe it as a "fresh peach bellini scent". I had previously tried the "original" kind, which reeked unbearably of alcohol and chemicals. They seem to get a little extra dirt/make up off of my skin than just washing alone. I like to use the exfoliating side on my face and neck, and the plain side on my decolletage.

In terms of efficacy, I still get occasional pimples on my face. I don't get any little bumps on my chest area though, so I think that these are helpful. They are very gentle, I haven't felt any sensitivity or burning after using them. I can't speak to the anti-aging benefits, nor do these pads seem to minimize my pores. (But they don't make anything worse). I"m also not sure they are very good at controlling oil (while my face is less oily these days, I think that's because of aggressively moisturizing and other products). After I use these, my face gets pretty oily again before I go to bed if I don't put on moisturizer.

One annoying thing about these pads is that they make my face kind of sticky after using them, so my face oil does not soak in as well. All in all, I don't think I would buy these again. The price point also is not great, considering the thing only lasts for two months. Given how effective these are, I think drugstore pads would be a better value (I like the Simple brand). I think I will move on to some other exfoliating pads. 

tl;dr: kind of works, smells okay, not worth the price.

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