Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Review: Baby Foot

$24.99, Amazon
The picture I have makes this product seem more legit it is. Apparently, it is huge in Japan (surprise, surprise). I read about it on some fashion magazine/blog and decided to try it, since I have gross feet because I never wear socks and wear my Rainbows everywhere. I've had a crack on my foot for the past two years.

Anyway, I decided to fritter away twenty-five bucks and try this out. (I also went overboard and purchased ten cookbooks in the same purchase). Sometimes, when I'm driving, I still think about that twenty-five bucks.

This did very little. I was promised that the outer skin of my feet would slough off, like some kind of weird snake. It didn't. Pretty much nothing happened. I think that a very thin layer of my skin did rub off, but that just could be because I soaked my feet every day for about fifteen minutes. 

However, the actual application process was funny. The Baby Foot goo came in giant feet shaped plastic bags, which you stuck your feet into. Then you used tape to tape it up, and you had to keep the plastic socks on for two hours. It was difficult to walk in them, but doable. Also, annoyingly, you had to take off any nail polish on your toes.

tl;dr: Don't waste your money. Spend it on a pedi.

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