Sunday, November 17, 2013

Settling In

go on you deserve it!

Man. I have really let things go. The blog, my exercise regimen, my hair . . . Being a working girl isn't as easy as Melanie Griffiths makes it seem. (Although I do switch into heels at my desk--unless I'm feeling too lazy for heels that day).

I'm settling into my flat quite nicely (despite a leaky roof). My darling TA Cat is here, now a world traveler, expat and Londoner. It's weird having her here--makes everything more serious. It doesn't matter how much emergency-leave-the-country cash you keep around, having a cat just makes everything more difficult.

The flat itself is also coming along. I've decided to fill it only with things I absolutely love, which means it's still a bit sparsely furnished. I keep hoping for a free weekend to browse the markets and pick up some nice pieces. In the meantime, I'm having a rug woven for me (just for me!!) from a lovely woman on Etsy. I'm very excited about it.

I also think that I'm finally at the age (and salary) where I should start buying real art instead of just putting posters up with thumbtacks or command hooks. (Although I did squeal with delight when I saw that Tesco carried command hooks).

There's going to be a slight shift in focus in the blog--I still have a desire to buy clothes, but now that I'm working, I finally have a chance to wear all my big-girl clothes that I've been collecting for years. Wearing a new outfit every day really satisfies my need for new clothes. Instead, I'm funneling my funds into paying off my student loans, furnishing my flat (I would love to have that print above for my kitchen), and--for the first time in my life--not worrying about how much money I spend when I go out with friends.

Additionally, I never intended this to be a "Living in London" or "Traveling Abroad" type of blog, but I think that a little bit of this will be unavoidable. While I'm desperately clinging to America (thanks Tunnelbear for my sweet, sweet Hulu and American Netflix), I hope to escape from work and take some nice photos of London and beyond.

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