Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Weekly Gimme: Cuyana Alpaca Long Classic Cape

$195, Cuyana
I'm so glad capes are back. I've always wanted to live in olden days, but you know, without all the disease and lice and treating women like chattel. Also, as the weather gets cooler in London and the days get shorter, all I want to do is shnuggle up in something cozy.

Also, my office is cold, which is good, because I get drowsy after lunch, but it's not so good when it's ten at night and I'm staring at my computer and my fingers get stiff from the cold and I'm waiting for catering to bring me my damn tea and cookies . . . 

Anyway, I'm also trying to build up my neutrals wardrobe. I have always and will always love bright colors (cobalts, emeralds, hot pinks) and have so many of those in my closet. But now, I've decided I need more neutrals (especially beige--why do I always shy away from beige?) and pastels. 

Maybe Cuyana will do a Black Friday sale? 

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