Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Weekly Gimme: Massimo Dutti Blue Leather Jacket

£225, Massimo Dutti

Sorry for the ghetto picture, I couldn't find a better one online. I saw this in store today when I was out shopping with a friend (King's Road is SO much better than Oxford Circus on the weekend, although nothing beats Canary Wharf). Anyway, the leather is buttery soft and a gorgeous true navy color. I've been in the market for a non-brown leather jacket (I have a super cute biker jacket in a rusty brown that I wear a lot and got for super cheap from Wilson's Leather). I had been looking at solely black jackets, but now I'm thinking that a navy or even a dark gray would be a wonderful choice (black leather frequently looks fake or cheap to me).

But, even though I actually got paid today (first real paycheck!) I exercised true self-control (but maybe not in the dessert department) and spent less than twenty quid. I got a comfy shirt from Brandy Melville and a bun-maker from Accessorize. 

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