Friday, April 5, 2013

Review: Seche Vite Top Coat & The New Black Nail Polish

$4.99, Amazon
I didn't paint my finger nails for like eight years. I hated how it would only last two days and then the chipping would begin. I never had the patience to remove my nail polish and then reapply several times a week. Also, the drying time was excruciating.

No more. This top coat is amazing. First of all, the shipping is blindingly fast. Second of all, the online reviews say it all. This top coat dries in a minute. Fully dries, as in, you can go about your business without using your elbows to pick up things. Second of all, it results in a super shiny manicure that looks like a shellac manicure. 

I can't say much about the staying power, but I've seen no chips after one day, which is actually pretty good compared to other top coats. I used to just add a shellac top coat to my nails when I was done with the manicure, but that didn't last very long and was a bitch to take off. I am so excited about this top coat because it means I can do my nails more, which means no more languishing for my nail polishes. 

I got a mini-set of nail polish in last month's Pop Sugar Must Have (the best month yet!). They were two shades of bright orange-y, coral-y red, and I thought they were perfect for St. Lucia. However, having used both colors, I am a bit disappointed.

The colors are certainly very vibrant, but the polish is very thin. Usually I only need two coats of nail polish (even the cheap CVS stuff), but with this stuff, two coats were insufficient. I can still see the under-bits of my nails.

It's a shame that this brand is of such poor quality, because they have so many cute colors and sets, such as the ombre set above. However, it's unlikely I will buy another one of their nail polishes.

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  1. I loooved Seche Vite, but then it got all goopy after like 6 months. Maybe I got a fake, though, you'll have to let me know if yours lasts longer...