Friday, April 12, 2013

Review: Philosophy Miracle Worker Retinoid Eye Repair Cream

$65, Sephora
You now, if you're going to name your product "Miracle Worker", you better make sure it delivers. I've been using this eye cream for three weeks now and I am very meh about it. I don't see any real improvements in my eye area, but then again, I don't get severe dark circles and this product certainly didn't make anything worse.

This is not really an eye cream. The product comes out and it looks like Vaseline. It's kind of off putting at first, but it's not bad. It absorbs well into the skin (probably takes about 15 minutes to fully absorb). After it sinks into your skin, it leaves a smooth, almost powdery finish. I think it moisturizes the eye area well. 

There is no odor, which is nice. I got a sample size from Sephora, so I can't comment on the delivery system of the full size. However, the sample size dispensed the product well; I could control how much came out and it was never messy. It also seemed pretty sanitary.  I had no problem with irritation at all with this product, but my eye area is not super sensitive.

Like I said, this product doesn't do much for me. I think I'm not really the target demographic; this may be better for people who already have some wrinkles and really need the boost from the retinoid. As such, I won't be purchasing it again, but I also cannot say that it is a bad product.

tl;dr: Does not seem to have much effect on dark circles. Moisturizes well. Not a good product for young people.

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