Monday, February 25, 2013

Prabal Gurung Haul

My latest shopping splurge . . .

This was my car on Saturday, the day before the Prabal Gurung collab launched at Target. So, yeah. Unless a fairy godmother could zap me a pack of huskies or some cross-country skis, I was shit out of luck. Which, coincidentally, is why Al Gore invented the internet. The collab launched online sometime around 2am. That's like prime time for the Totes Adorb fam.

Anyway, I went a bit trigger happy on the shopping, which means that on Friday, this is what greeted me after class:

TA Cat is very supportive of my shopping habit. So I tried on clothes all day (not a bad way to spend a Friday afternoon) and I decided to keep only one skirt, one top, and one bracelet. And . . . four pairs of shoes. 


I focused on getting print pieces, which is what the designer is known for. I love that the flower dress is so colorful and also has pockets. The shoes were all half a size too large, but pretty comfortable and well-constructed. I'm not going to argue that the quality far exceeded the price, but the price point was so low that I was okay with the quality. I'm excited to pick up some black-and-white pieces, since that's going to be a hot trend this season. I also love the colorful flats, which will look very good with a simple outfit for work.

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