Thursday, February 14, 2013

Last Minute Presents, or Presents for Next Year

Valentine's Day
Set Available Here
Need some present ideas? Maybe it's too late for this year, but one should always be thinking ahead. Also, do you really need a holiday to buy someone (or yourself) a little something? No. People should get presents every day.

Catullus has something for everyone. He's smutty and irreverent, but also sweet and romantic. He knows what a lady likes. I just bought a Gilt voucher for Gorjana, so I'm excited to buy one of their classic pieces. I really like this ring, but the necklaces are very nice as well. This heart umbrella is adorable--but anything whimsical and cute would be a nice surprise--I just wouldn't spend very much on it.

Taza chocolate is one of my favorites. It only has a few ingredients: chocolate, sugar, salt. It has a wonderful mouth feel and is delicious. Also, it's a small business that has trade partnerships with plantations committed to fair wages and sustainability. It's definitely a step up from Godiva. Speaking of sweets, beauty products are usually a safe way to go (as long as they're not cellulite removal creams). This Fresh sugar lip polish is a personal favorite; I use it twice a week to prevent chapping and flaking. Also, if a wee bit gets in your mouth, it tastes pretty good.

It's still February. Which means it's still pretty cold. When it's cold, pajamas are always welcome. (Pajamas are welcome when it's warm too, but go smaller.) I have a pair of J.Crew PJs, and I really like them. A nice pajama set always makes you feel like you have your shit together, even if you're wearing them on a Thursday afternoon. Finally, I own this Boden sweatshirt in a darker gray, andI love would kill someone for it. It's a cashmere hoodie. As in, you can be a slob, but at least you look like a wealthy slob. It's incredibly comfortable and warm (but not overly so) and it looks great. Seriously, no matter what you've done, this Boden sweatshirt will buy forgiveness.

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