Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Daily Gimme: Flounced Peplum Tankini

$140, Anthropologie
Finally. With the end of Negotiation Workshop and the "completion" of my fall term paper draft, I have some breathing room. Spring term classes have officially started, and they are a walk in the park compared to Winter term. The only thing that got me through the tough times was the promise of Spring Break in St. Lucia. As such, I've already collected three (THREE!) swimsuits. I would love to add this one to my collection, but the price point is a bit high considering I would probably only wear it for a week every year.

I've never owned a white swimsuit before, mostly because I feel like white + water = peepshow. However, I bet the quality and structuring of Anthro swimsuits would be superb. Anyway, I would probably pass on the plain bottoms and pick something from J. Crew; I like their twist-front bikini bottoms, which are available in white. I like the simplicity of the top, but it's also sufficiently unique. The cut-out at the neckline adds a bit of sexiness, whereas the peplum flounce services to hide a tummy and give a demureness to the whole thing.

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