Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Review: Too Faced Lashgasm Mascara

$21, Sephora
I got a mini of this mascara in a set that does not appear to be available anymore. (It also included face primer, eye shadow primer, lip primer and lip gloss.) As might have been mentioned before, I have short, sparse, nearly-invisible lashes that also do not curl well.

This mascara was only so-so. It didn't clump, so that was good. But it also didn't do much of anything else. My lashes just looked slightly longer and darker than normal. There was maybe a slight curl. I'll keep using the tube for an everyday natural look until it runs out, but I'm not going to buy a new tube (certainly not at $21). 

The only thing that set this mascara apart was the very flexible brush with lots of tiny bristles. It felt like more mascara was going on and that it prevented clumping. I think that this mascara brush would go great with a better formula.

tl;dr: You're better off with the pink and green tube.

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