Friday, June 7, 2013

Review: Wen Fig Cleansing Conditioner

$32, Sephora
Apparently, this shit is on late-night infomercials all the time. I wouldn't know, because I don't have cable and our broadcast is spotty. But it's been fairly hot in the blogosphere lately and I was glad to get a large sample in my New Beaut TestTube. What a waste of shipping.

First off, the instructions state that you need 20-30 pumps of this product each time. This means you would probably go through a bottle in less than a month, even if you don't wash your hair everyday. At this price point, that's simply ridiculous. Most of my shampoos/conditioners can last me at least 2-3 months. I tried skimping and using only 10-15 pumps one day, but it didn't have the lather that I like.

Second, this stuff smells funny. It could be good if you like things super minty and like cheap cherry cough syrup, but I don't. It smelled like I was trying to get drunk off of cherry medicine and then I had to dunk myself in Listerine. Afterward, my scalp kind of tingled. I actually liked this feeling, but I wasn't expecting it.

Third, the product didn't perform. I was intrigued by a no-poo life, and it did cut one step from my showering routine. However, this did nothing for my hair. All it did was make it look greasy. My hair wasn't exactly greasy to the touch, but it didn't have the volume and non-greasy shine that it normally did. I gave this product four tries, since that's all I had in the (large) sample, hoping my hair would adjust, but it never happened.

tl;dr: greasy, expensive, smelly.

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