Monday, June 24, 2013

Review: Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream

$39, Birchbox
I got a sample of this in my Birchbox several months ago and in my Pop Sugar Must Have last month. I used it while in St. Lucia, and I guess I neglected to review it afterward. I used it while on the island because it is SPF 30, which is hard to find in a make-up type product.

A CC cream is the next step in the makeup arms race. It stands for "color correcting" and is one up from a BB cream. I used it for a week, and I didn't notice any color correction.

I like the consistency of this stuff, it's like a cross between a mousse and a heavier face cream. It's not very greasy or heavy or oily, and goes on smooth. I used my fingers, but I bet a make up sponge (Beauty Blender!!) would be effective as well. 

The cream blends well, and wasn't streaky or weirdly colored (orange or white). There are only two color options, but the Warm Glow worked well for me. There's minimal coverage with this product, but it does acceptably at hiding large pores or some lighter flaws. 

I also found this product to moisturize well (although my face has never had a dryness problem). The oil control was okay, but not amazing. This is definitely not a wear-alone product. I would suggest another dusting of foundation powder (and concealer as well). The CC cream is relatively long-lasting, but if you're going to go until midnight, you're going to need another application. 

The smell is neither good nor bad. The product lasts a while; you don't have to use very much per application. The benefit to this line is that it's organic and natural, without any harsh chemicals. It's a bit pseudo-sciency because it uses "fruit stem cells," whatever that means. The Vitamin C in it is good for lightening dark spots though. 

tl;dr: a decent tinted moisturizer with high SPF, but can't be worn alone, worth a try

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