Thursday, October 3, 2013

Review: Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Gel

Ole Henriksen - Invigorating Night Gel
$45, Sephora
You guys, Sephora already has Christmas Secular Sparkly Holiday gift sets out. Already! It's not even Halloween yet! But anyway, you should get on it, because Sephora offers some really awesome gift sets--they're perfect for keeping and using, and not so much for gifting (because really, who wants to receive a dozen tubes of mascara for Christmas?) I purchased several last year and loved all of them, but even if I didn't, Sephora has a GREAT return policy. 

Just another reason to mourn the fact that the UK does not have Sephora and Sephora USA does not ship to UK (although Sephora France does, which means I will becoming very familiar with Google translate). 

Anyway, I got a trial size of this night gel in the Sephora Black Friday sale last year, where they were offering some great $10 deals. This was okay. First, I'm confused as to what a gel is. Is it more like a serum or like a cream? It's not as soupy as a serum, but obviously not as creamy as a . . . cream.

Aside from the confusing nature of this product (who wants to be invigorated at night?), I don't have much to say about it. It's very soothing going on, is not drying but also not moisturizing. There is no noticeable odor, and no real noticeable benefit to using it. 

The good news was that this stuff absorbs really fast and it doesn't cause breakouts. If I had more patience and fewer products to try, I would give this stuff another month or two since the reviews are so overwhelmingly good. I dunno, I just like something more moisturizing and creamier at night to go over my serum so my face feels really moisturized and soft in the morning, because I don't like wearing heavy moisturizer during the day. 

tl;dr: Will have to give it another try before I come to a definitive conclusion. 

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