Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Review: Fresh Elixir Ancien

This stuff is amazing. AMAZING. I got it on eBay for only $80, but it is totally worth the full price. First of all, the bottle should last a long time (probably half a year, if not more). I use only two drops at night, and it is pretty much miraculous. I know that a lot of reviewers exaggerate, but this is probably the only product that I would say is something I could no longer live without.

The bottle is made of ceramic, and the dispenser is a dropper, which keeps everything nice and sanitary. Like I said, only one or two drops will do, and the oil absorbs well, but not super quickly, so you have time to really rub it all over your face. There is no real scent to the oil, which I appreciate. I use it after a Glycolic Acid Pad and before my night cream.

Since using it, I have noticed pretty much immediate results. My skin is soft and velvety. My pores have shrunk and my face is not really oily during the day. However, the best thing is that my acne scars have really faded. The results are quite noticeable. I can't speak as to the anti-aging/wrinkle properties of the product, but the other reviews say good things. 

tl;dr: AMAZING. If you have the munny, buy the hunny.

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