Monday, December 9, 2013

The Weekly Gimme: Etsy Hoodie Sweatshirt Dress

Navy Blue Hoodie Sweatshirt Cotton Fleece Hoodie Top with Big Hood for Autumn and Spring - Custom made - NC449
£56.29, Etsy
Why is this model so bemused? Is it the fact that she's wearing jeans and a dress? Maybe she's just hungry. So, I recently purchased this lovely rag rug from Etsy and I have recovered from my TERRIBLE Etsy experience a few months ago (NB: If you're placing a custom order, don't pay until it's ready to ship!). 

For the past few years (ever since college, really . . . ), I've wanted a hoodie dress. It combines my favorite things of not wearing pants and wearing a hoodie. Unfortunately, most hoodie dresses (and I've tried on many) are not flattering. I guess they're not really meant to be flattering, because, come on, it's a hoodie dress. But this one looks okay. It's nipped at the waist, so it won't look like a sack, and the pockets in front incorporate an integral aspect of the hoodie.

I also like how the dress is longer and flares at the bottom. The hood is also nice and large, making it a wee bit costume-y, which I like (I did just buy a cape). I would NOT wear this with jeans--leggings or bare-legged and my Frye boots. Add a stack of rings and I'm set for the weekend.

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